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How To Resist Free Food At Work

By Fit3 Head Coach Tina Van Horn

Despite being in the wellness and nutrition industry, unhealthy snacks and free food magically appear in the breakroom! Just when you think it’s safe to refill your water bottle, there’s a plate of cookies or leftover birthday cake front and center. All you wanted was some water! You weren’t mentally prepared to deal with treats and temptations.

I have a reputation around Reliv Corporate for being the junk food police. I returned to the office after being away a few days, and one of the first things I did was throw away candy that was still on the kitchen counter from last week. I didn’t ask permission, I just did it. My coworkers have come to expect my policing and occasionally one will ask me to get rid of leftover donuts so their temptations will be gone.

When Facing Resistance

Not all offices are respectful and understanding about making healthy choices and you may face some real resistance or even resentment from your coworkers for trying to eat healthy. Some coworkers even seem to be on a personal mission to tempt you into eating something that they know you don’t want. When faced with resistance, the best thing to do is be honest. Don’t let the food pushers set you off track!

My Top Tips

Here are a few of my top tips to get you through the breakroom without caving in to the free food:

  • Throw it away! If that’s too aggressive, put it in the fridge or in a cabinet so that it is out of sight and out of mind.

  • Avoid the breakroom during your weakest time of the day. For me, that’s 3:00 p.m. and I steer clear from all temptations!

  • Put healthy snacks in the fridge so that when you do get tempted, you can make the healthier choice instead.

  • Make Fit3 approved healthier versions of the common junk food. Check out some ideas on our Pinterest Board.

  • Have your Fit3 shake! Fit3 Active helps curb cravings by keeping you full and energized. Get new shake recipes each week on our Instagram.

Next time you’re faced with a bunch of free food in the workplace, keep these tips in the front of your mind. If you are mentally prepared for them, they’re a lot easier to avoid!