Find Your Happiness

What makes you happy? Fit3 Head Coach Tina shares how you can find what makes you happy in everyday life and how an active, Fit3 lifestyle can help. Read more

Power Your Workouts With ProVantage®

Reliv's Provantage meets your nutritional needs for both immediate and long-term athletic performance. Fit3 Head Coach Tina Van Horn shares why this incredible product can power your workouts. Read more

What It's Like To Be A Fit3 Champion

What happens when you win a Fit3 Challenge? You are pampered, celebrated and make lifelong friendships! Social Media Coordinator Michaela Bukaty shares the experiences of the most recent Challenge winners so you can get a peak into the life of a Fit3 Champion. Read more

Why Willpower Is So Hard

Have you ever wondered why sometimes it is easier to resist your temptations than others? There's actually a scientific reason why you experience that! Fit3 Head Coach Tina Van Horn shares why willpower can be so hard. Read more

What Is Intuitive Eating?

Did you know that your body intuitively knows what it wants and needs to obtain ideal nutrition? The problem is, we ignore this intuition and cave into impulsive cravings instead. Fit3 Head Coach Tina Van Horn shares how you can become more in tune with your eating and learn to listen to what your body actually wants! Read more

5 Steps For Successful Meal Planning

Meal planning is an easy way to make your weeks less stressful and keep your healthy lifestyle on track. Fit3 Head Coach Tina Van Horn shares 5 steps for you to meal prep like a pro. Read more

The Best Way To Add Extra Vegetables To Your Day

Are you missing out on a few servings of vegetables every day? Don't worry. Fit3 Head Coach Tina Van Horn shares the best way you can add an extra serving or two of veggies to your day without even realizing it! Read more

How To Avoid Free Food At Work

Are you faced with free food in your office breakroom far too often? Free food can be hard to turn down, but necessary when it comes in between you and your goals. Read Coach Tina's top tips on how to resist and avoid these temptations! Read more

How To Stop Overeating Portion Sizes

Portion distortion affects us all and it can be hard to believe how small an actual serving of your favorite snack is. Fit3 helps you learn how to not overeat and how to correctly measure out portion sizes. Learn more from Fit3 Head Coach Tina Van Horn! Read more

How Often Should I Weigh In?

As you adopt healthier habits, you may be wondering when you'll start to see results on or off the scale. Fit3 Head Coach Tina Van Horn answers one of your top questions about weight loss in her latest blog post! Read more

How To Mix Up Your Workout Routine

Forming steady exercise habits is part of the Fit3 lifestyle, but it's also good to try out different workouts! Fit3 Head Coach, Tina Van Horn, shares her top tips for leaving your workout comfort zone and trying something new. See how you can shake up your routine! Read more

What Does Healthy Look Like?

We all have our ideas of what a healthy person looks like, but it's not as black and white as you may think. Hear Coach Tina's thoughts on what actually makes you healthy! Read more

The Truth About Holiday Weight Gain

Most of us have been led to believe that holiday weight gain is inevitable. In Coach Tina's most recent blog, she busts this myth and offers some easy suggestions that will get you back on track TODAY to making better choices. See why Fit3 is your post-holiday recovery plan! Read more

Patience is a Fit3 Virtue

Willpower is hard, but if you stay strong and delay your gratification, you will be more successful in the long run. Fit3 Head Coach, Tina Van Horn, offers her secret strategy for combating impulsive, feel-good-in-the-moment decisions that can often sabotage a fitness plan. Read more

How to Deal With Food Pushers

"Food Pushers" are usually some of our closest friends and family, and although they care about you and have nothing but the best intentions, their persistence can be exhausting, especially at family functions and social occasions. Learn how to make healthy choices without the guilt. Read more

How to Beat the Winter Blues

Shorter days and colder nights getting in the way of your healthy choices? Fear not! We caught up with Coach Tina and asked her to share her best tips on ways to beat the winter blues. Read more

5 Fat-Burning Foods We Heart Right Now

Most of us have been guilty, at one time or another, of trying a fad diet, but none of them are helpful for a sustainable lifestyle change. That’s why we decided to take a closer look at what foods we actually have in our kitchen and pick out the ones that promote weight loss. Read more

Fruit for All? Not So Fast.

One of our favorite things about summer is the endless supply of fresh fruit. Whether it’s an afternoon at a strawberry patch or a Farmer’s Market, fruit is in endless supply at this time of year. Not only is it ridiculously fresh, but it tastes so good! We love knowing that our sugar kicks are coming from something nutritious rather than a chocolate bar we like to hide in our desks. Read more

4 Strength Training Tips Everyone Should Know

Muscle-strengthening activities help increase or maintain your muscle mass and power. Steadily increasing weight and repetitions will give you even more benefits, no matter your age. That’s why, if you haven’t already, it’s time to get serious about adding strength training to your workouts, whether you’re at home or in the gym. Read more

Why Your Scale Isn’t the Be-All, End-All

Don’t let negative self-talk or the bathroom scale annoy and slow you down any longer! Get out there and let your Fit3 community help you find your feet for reaching your health and fitness goals again! We are here to help one another build confidence and settle into a new lifestyle! Read more

How to Find Your “Why” on Those Really (Really) Tough Days

Sometimes willpower wins. Other times, the happy hour drinks special is the victor. So how can you keep your motivation going strong even in those weak moments? It all goes back to defining your "Why." Read more

Movin' Music: Tina's Perfect Workout Playlist

We may not always feel like exercising, but the right playlist can really get you motivated and help you scorch calories like nobody’s business! So we got to thinking… what are those iconic songs that can really get you pumped up and ready to sweat? For this one we went straight to the source and our Head Coach Tina Van Horn hooked us up with her go-to playlist. Read more

Living Healthy, Living Happy

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about working out and eating smart. Living healthy and happy starts with a strong, positive mental outlook. Learn how six simple steps can boost your mental health and give you an optimistic mindset. Read more

6 Steps to Healthy Skin - Just in Time for Spring!

From dark circles to wrinkles, there are many factors that contribute to the demise of your complexion. Thankfully, there are simple steps you can take to get that healthy, happy glow we all want. Read more

Food Tracking: Being Mindful, Not Obsessive 

Set your smartphone aside! Discover why the tried-and-true method of putting pen to paper is a smarter way to start tracking your food. Read more.

Why Fitness Friends Are So Important

Motivation and accountability – two of the many benefits that result from having a workout partner. Build a support system to encourage your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Read more.


Have Fit3 Will Travel

Portable products and online workouts mean you can ditch your excuses because Fit3 is ready to cater to our on-the-go lifestyles. Learn how you can get fit and stay fit, even when you travel! Read more. 


Eat Your Way to Healthier Sleep

It's true... what you eat really does affect your shut-eye. Trade in your sleepless nights for restorative slumbers when you say hello to a healthy diet. Read more.