By Social Media Specialist Ashley Maurer


Fruit for All? Not So Fast.


One of our favorite things about summer is the endless supply of fresh fruit. Whether it’s an afternoon at a strawberry patch or a farmer’s market, fruit is in endless supply at this time of year. Not only is it ridiculously fresh, but it tastes so good! We love knowing that our sugar kicks are coming from something nutritious rather than a chocolate bar we like to hide in our desks.

As much as we hate to say this, just like anything, there is a maximum amount of fruit you should consume. You know that saying, “You can’t have too much of a good thing?” Well…not in the case of fruit. 

Sure, you may be satisfying your sugar craving with something that’s unprocessed, but it’s still sugar. A recommended amount of sugar per day is roughly 100 calories, as released by the American Heart Association. To make it easy, a solid rule of thumb is two to three cups of fruit per day. (And if you’ve joined the Fit3 program, remember to use your handy Daily Nutrition Plan for your recommend amount of fruit servings.) To help you make even healthier choices when grocery shopping, check out this list of fruits with low and high amounts of sugar. We recommend reaching for fruits with low sugar first, but don’t be afraid to vary it up once a week with other fruits you love.

Fruits with Low Sugar

- Rhubarb

- Raspberries

- Blackberries

- Grapefruit

- Watermelon

- Strawberries

- Cantaloupe

Fruits with High Sugar

- Grapes

- Cherries

- Mangoes

- Pomegranates

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