By Social Media Specialist Ashley Maurer

Most of us have been guilty, at one time or another, of trying a fad diet, but none of them are helpful for a sustainable lifestyle change. That’s why we decided to take a closer look at what foods we actually have in our kitchen and pick out the ones that promote weight loss.

Spices: Recently Head Coach Tina drew our attention to the benefits of spices and how certain ones can boost your metabolism: turmeric, cayenne, and cinnamon were just a few. We were delighted to know that we have another excuse to zip up some sizzling fajitas!

Dressings: Okay, this was a bit of a tease because we’re talking about vinegar. It’s not exactly the dressing you may be accustomed too, but vinegar-based dressings have been shown to help manage your appetite.

Coconut Chips: We hadn’t heard of these either, but we tried them out and couldn’t get enough. They’re a little sweet and surprisingly satisfied our sweet tooth craving. An added bonus? They’re super low carb so you’ll actually feel satisfied after a few handfuls.

Pancakes: Buckwheat pancakes to be precise. Buckwheat is actually a seed, and when you grind it up it turns into a really great alternative for flour when you’re whipping up a tasty breakfast. Again, this helps you feel satisfied so you don’t accidentally overeat.

Cod: Typically, you hear about the benefits of salmon, but let’s not forget about cod. It’s cheaper and is just as good for you. Plus, it loads you up with essential vitamins and your body converts the majority of it into energy. And energy equals metabolic burning!